Magic Zoom Plus + Sirv demo

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Beautiful image zoom with 360 spin

Neatly organised, this stunning combination of 360 spin and full-screen zoom is a combination that shoppers cannot resist.

People adore to spin products around using the Sirv viewer. They love to see the detail in your zoomed product images too. This combination gives you the best chance of hooking every possible buyer.

Easy and fast
Easy to setup, with no coding needed, Magic Zoom Plus takes just 1 minute to install. Connect it to your Sirv account and your spins will appear instantly on the appropriate product page as soon as you upload them to Sirv.

Try this effect on your Shopify store today and see what it does for your conversions.

You should install the free trial Magic Zoom Plus app and get a free trial Sirv account (see Sirv pricing).

Send any questions to the Magic Toolbox support team.